The Messenger from Heaven

I want to send you a message but know not what to do
I spoke to an angel and he said I'll do it for you.
So I am sending you a message by an angel from above
To tell you how much I care and how much you are loved.

When you hear the flutter or feel the breeze from his wings
Know that it is a message from me to you he brings.
Beware of the tempter, the evil one that walks
Be careful where your feet trod and the way you talk.

The world knows your weakness and will lead you into sin
But listen to the angel and God's Glory will enter in.
Hear the angel and what he has to tell
He'll keep you safe and make sure with you all is well.

Follow in his footsteps, keep close to his side
Make sure in all your ways he is your friend and guide.
But for now I am sending an angel to help in all you do
Just wanted you to know I here waiting for you.

By Harriett Dash 2001