Memories Of My Mother

Sometimes I just sit around and with a pen I do write
Sometimes I wake from a sound sleep in the middle of the night.
When I am bored, there is nothing to fill my thoughts and time
So I just put down anything that comes to my mind.

Thoughts come of my Mom and when I was but a little child
And when they come to me, on my face there is a smile.
I remember pretty blonde hair and long perfect pigtails
And a kiss from Mom that made  all things well

I ran barefoot in the rain, never missed a mud hole
Then I was tucked under covers with a runny nose and a cold.
Remember the movie, no place like home and Auntie Elm
Getting together with all the kin.

On our picnics we'd  have water melon and pumpkin pie
Skinned  up knees and kids that cry.

Oh there were meals to cook and dishes to be done
When we were all together, it seemed like so much fun.

Kids screaming and those trips to the park
Get them all together and home before dark.
But its all over now and I'm all grown
I'm no longer that child, I am on my own.

Memories will not fade of the days gone by
When I think of them, a tear comes to my eye.
My Mom's hair is gray and age touches her face
But to me she is beautiful in the ageless race.

Now I see her as she was when I was a child, in this dream
She's a beautiful woman, to me that's the way it will always seem.

To my beautiful Mom who went to be with the Lord,
she'll never be gone as long as the blood flows
through the veins of her children and there is a mind for memory.

By Harriett Dash 1998