"Melvin Stout"


Here is a man we know God sent to us.
Someone that not only God, but we could  also trust.
He is always there, with loving arms open wide.
He can control that great big ride.

He picks up the food,  cloths and furniture too.
He does all of this for me and you.
The hours he spends on the road no one really knows.
For days and days sometimes I know he goes.

He drops by and gets his schedule and wants to know where to go.
Then he's off again to get another load.
You can tell hes tired and worn , but complains never.
To do Gods work, feed and shelter others is his life's endeavor.

A smile from him will melt your heart.
From us we hope he'll never  part.
It's so totally awesome how God had a plan.
How he sent New Beginning this precious man.

When we met him it never enter our mind.
How this man would be one of a kind.
"They" are special and there aren't many around.
Sure glad God sent us one that heard the sound.

Of mighty rushing winds and the sound of angel wings.
Thats why we know he came straight from the King.

By Harriett Dash 2001