March Baby

Yes, I am a march baby, my sign is Pisces and this rings true.
We are gifted in anything we set out to do.
And most of us are windy and love to talk.
But we are generally kind and tender and true to our walk.

If you see us you will know us for we are a lot alike in a way.
Most of us try to be kind in what we say.
We are friendly people and loveable too.
Of course you know I am talking about you.

I was born in March so now let me see what can I say.
Mom said it was a cold and windy day.
She told me she would never forget the time.
It will be forever in her mind.

The wind was blowing and the doctor came.
She had all ready picked out my name.
I was the boy her and Dad had planned for.
Back then babies were surprises but not any more.

But she said I had lungs loud and true.
And I was so beautiful, what could they do?
Beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair on top.
But for some reasons, crying wouldn't stop.

And she says until this day my lungs are strong.
My talk is continual and very long.
As a matter of fact she says the March wind has nothing on me.
I can put it to shame and if you knew me you'd agree.

By Harriett Dash    March 2004         


Dad and Harriett

Mom and Dad

Mom and Harriett