My Mother Lucille

It's Me Again Lord


May the light of life always be above you to show you the way, never in front to blind you and never behind to cast a shadow to block you. May the storms of life "always" be just behind you or in front of you, if you must have one it will only make you stronger. May the Son of God "be only a whisper away.

Inspirational  Continued..

All Your Past Sins   I Wish You Back Shake Not With The Wind
Arise: He Called To Death Inside The Soul   Silence Is Golden
Ask The Lord   Joy When We Get There Snow Flakes
Be Gone Fear Just To Be A Woman Take Control
Books Of The Bible Knowing My Fear  Test Of Time   
Burden Church Learning Process Testing Time
Cease From Anger Ladder To Heaven The Breath Of God   
Change Me Lord   Let Me Be The One The Burning Bush
Darkness Of  Life Eternal The Church As We See It
Day Dreaming     Little Sparrow The Drawing Power
Days Gone By Lord Take Me Back The Heart Of A Mother
Dear God  Make Your Own... The Heart Of God
Day Of The Feast Me Lord Just Me The Heavenly Flight
Dream Of Heaven Memories Of Time The Promise Is Coming
Emotions Miracle Through Elisha The Rocky Path
Even At The Bar Messenger From Heaven The Salt And The Light
Face Not The World... My Dreams The Sins Of The World
Faith Is As A Baby My Life I Give The Spirit Is Everywhere
Fallen Leaves My Prayer To Thee The Task set Before Me
Five Stones Of Time My Journey's End The Vessel
For God So Loved New Beginning The Word Of God
Forgiven New Beginning World... The Word Please



A Birthday Wish (Morgan)

I Wish You Back My Secret Lindsey
A Child In Thought I Yam What I Yam   My Sister Debbie
A Child's Eyes Just A Swinging My Sister Elaine
A Princess Ken and Jeanette Dash  My Son
A True Daughter Kenny Dash My Special Angel 
Aunt Rachel Dash Life Is About Isaac My Step Father Daniel Seigo
An Affair To Remember Looking On: John C. Dash  Our Children
Aunt Shirley Me Myself And I Our Jake
A Very Special Toy Memories  (Billie West) Our Second Mom With Louise
Back To Mothers Arms Memories Of My Mother Our Uncle Harold
Beautiful Brides Missy Photographic Memory
Brother John Dash   Momma's Grave Remember When  
Circle Of Life   Mom's Lamp Santa's Gift

Connie Mae

Morgie and Big John Sisters
Debbie's Battle With Food Movie Show Sisters Shopping
Delaney Beth Kirgis My Baby Sister Elaine Sisters-In-Law
Do You Believe In Forever My Boy My Son Special Angel
Dream On Barefoot Boy My Dad Super Mom
Fishing Hole My Dad (John Dash) Sweet Dreams
Frito My Favorite Son-In-Law Thanks Mom
From Faye To Christopher My Glamour Daughter The Old Country House
Grandparents My Grandpa To My Son John
Grandpa's Girl My Husband Fun There Was A Child
Heart Breaker My Little Big Brother Two Men In My Life
Here Are The Nickels  My Little Man  Victoria Danielle Hicks
Here Comes The Bride My Mother, Back Then Watching Over Delaney
I Am A Girl My Mother-In-Law What A Prize She Is

I Was Just Thinking  

My Nephew Rick "K"    Why I Love You
  My New Brother  

My Friends Are Special  To Me  


Matters Of The Heart

Inspirational Writings   



Memory Lane
Memories in Pictures 

Flash From The Past
Memories in stories   

Vandyke, West, Barlow and Seigo.

Seasons in a Spiritual Sense
By, Riley Justice
War West Virginia

Dash Family Pages
A  history of the Dash family in verse  and pictures