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"Love Goes Deeper"

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Even though hair is silver, our hearts are pure as gold:
I think as you look at me, I'll never grow old:
I see you in your leather jacket and that cole black hair:
You in your motorcycle boots and me standing there:

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The wind in our face and the Harley Wheels moving on:
These are memories of days that are gone:
And as we cruise along the time in our life we have now:
I wonder in my heart and in my dreams as to how:

But together we made  it to this time and place:
Because love goes deeper than a pretty face:
In my eyes and heart you're a shinning knight:
When you're by my side I know everything's going to be alright:

"Honey, what would we do without those days gone by:
I remember the love as we looked into each others eyes:
"Oh, but for those memories of the days gone past:
We have them all as we face the age old looking glass:

We together use to laugh and cry:
I love those memories of days gone by:
My hearts an open book, through it you could always see:
Our life is full of love and thats the way it should be:

I'll love you forever as life goes quickly by:
I love you even deeper as the beginning draws nigh:
For I know up in heaven someday we will meet:
There'll be no  need for words, with our eyes we will greet:

We'll sit by the river, where all things are new:
But we'll still be together, "Me and You".

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The Love of my Life: Dec. 31, 1957
Still the Love of my Life: Jan. 2001

To my husband who has given to me the trials,
the love, the patience, the kindness that I needed
to be what I am today.

By Harriett Dash Dec. 1957