Now just where did love come from, it can't be defined.
Everyone thinks theirs is one of a kind.
No matter how old, it can still can be  expressed.
It may change and be suppressed.

But when the going gets rough, love will never forsake.
Because love is a giver, something that never takes.
Love is a word that is sometimes misused.
Often misinterpreted and abused.

When looking through the eyes of love it gives a different look.
For  the beholder is the author of the book.
It is written with a pen filled with love for another.
A friend, husband, wife, sister or brother.

But one thing about love, in it you can believe.
Love is not something that you can deceive.
It knows true feelings and comes from a simple design.
Love is true, gentle and kind.

By Harriett Dash          Home