Lord, Take Me Back

Just a glimmer of light to know you are there
For my battered  soul, I know you care.
There is no one to tell my troubles to
The day has come, its me and you.
I thought I had an exciting life to live
Not accepting all for me you had to give.

You let me go on my own to prove I could
When I asked, I didn't really think you would.
This world no longer can I stand
I realize now, I'm just a man.
I said as a fool, there is no God
But now down the beaten path I trod.

As now in darkness I feel the sting of Death
I need you Lord, your eternal rest.
To know I have no treasures laid up within
For my life was my own out in sin.
I knew you once deep within my secret part
I could feel you love buried in my scarred heart.

Roll back the clouds from the overcast sky
Forgive me Lord before I die.
I need to come in from the stormy shore
I long for your knock upon my door.
Forgive me Lord for all my past sin
Open heavens gates and let me in.

By Harriett Dash 2001