Looking On

I watched my boys at work this day
They enjoyed their selves like they are at play.
I hung around to see how they would make out
But I knew it  would work, no shadow of a doubt.

They remind me of the tower of Babel in the word of life
Of course they work just like they did back then with a little strife.
But all in all I'd have to say, they could work no other way
I wouldn't break their spirits, that's what makes them tick.
They start something it will work because they won't quit.

I am proud of my boys I sure hope they all knew
They always completed what they set out to do.
I use to have a sawmill all my own when I was young
Funny how things go back to where you begun.

What goes round comes round at least I hope so
I planted good seed  and now I can set back and watch it grow.
I am looking down upon them now with a heart full of pride
Knowing that someday they will be by my side.

Be happy boys and know I  am happy where I am
The trees are tall the grass is green and outstretched is the land.
Be assured I see you and know exactly what you do
I'm sitting next to the Father just bragging about you.

John C. Dash Jr.


By Harriett Dash 2001   


(bottom pictures not a part of web set)