Life Is About Issac

There are no words to tell just what I feel
But one thing I know is really real.
That around this child my world starts to spin
When I open the door and he comes in.

It's kind of like I hold my breath till I see his face
 The smile I see that brightens the whole place.
The wide eyed wonder as he looks around
Reaches for me without making a sound.

He knows and I know he needs from me a hug and a kiss
When he's not with me, he's so missed.
I close my eyes at night and see his precious smile
He has his own way of doing things, his own style.

He is so young and precious and from a distance knows me
The look upon his face, you'd have to see.
The gleam he gets in his eye
Makes my heart swell and makes me cry.

Then  its over and time for him to go away
And I hold my breathe till I see him on another day.
Its hard to let go but I know we have to part
But  he'll be back and I can again feel the beat of my heart.

By Harriett Dash       Home