Life Eternal

As I think of my life passing by
Am I like others, afraid to die.
I know my savior I have met
But I am not ready for  him yet.

Some of my family are still out in sin
I need more time to bring them in.
Help me Lord to know what to say and do
So they will fall in love with you.

Give me  the right words to say
So with you also they can live one day.
I give them to you Lord one and all
Take over Lord, help them not to fall.

Oh, I do look forward to meeting the Son
I want us all to be ready when you come.
When the rapture takes place in the air
I want us as a family to all be there.

Help me to do and say what I must
So in me Lord you can put your trust.
So when death knocks upon my door
I really won't have to worry anymore.

By Harriett Dash 2001