Let me be the one

Lord let me be the one to travel through the valley low
Donít let it be my brother for he may not know.
Sometimes we struggle down the road of rejection
Not knowing it is the road we must travel to get to perfection.

You see I have been in the valley when no one could see
I was so low I crawled out on bended knee.
So you see Father he may not be able the cross to bear
So let me go in his place because I have been there.

Let me go in and be there along the way
So he wonít be alone and feel he has to stay.
Open his eyes to the devil and his deceitful rules
Let me go in first and prepare the right tools.

The fruits of the spirit Iíll scatter along the road
I want to help my brother, I want to share his load.
Help my brother Lord so he will not stray
Please Lord look down and have mercy on this day.

You know Lord I am my brothers keeper in your word you said
So give me the strength to help through this valley of dread.
I promise I will be strong and use all you have given to me
For I know Lord the way to enter is on bended knee.

© By Harriett Dash 2002