Learning To Walk

Dedicated to Logan Bolinger

I watched a child learn to walk, left foot then right.
Trying to keep his Mommy in sight.
He looked not at his feet, but at her face so dear.
His arms outstretched toward her, he had no fear.

He was strong at her presence, he knew to be brave.
For the look on her face was the strength, she to him gave.
As he faltered and fell, he wondered not why.
But got up and started again with a tear in his eye.

From her eyes all he could see was love to light his way.
He knew he could make it, he knew this was his day.
Upon her face she placed a smile just for her son.
A new life and adventure he had begun.

She knew at this moment how strong he would be.
For all the courage he used for her to see,
He wasn’t a quitter but strong willed and true.
She knew he could do anything he set out to do.

Life is a journey from the first step as a child.
Sometimes all they need is an encouraging smile.

© by Harriett Dash 2002