Learning Process


In Wisdom He mingles the sweet and bitter in each of us.
A mixture given to only those with it He can trust.
He, all knowing, knows our need for sorrow and joy.
So in wise measurement He gives to girl and boy.

Sometimes as humans we cannot discern for us our own need.
So the Father steps in and takes the lead.
In faith we receive and with meekness we also learn.
To accept this gift which we cannot earn.

So if you stand in wonder and feel He is there.
Look up and thank Him for His wonderful care.
Don’t try to figure it out and wonder from whence it came.
But know Father knows best and He's in charge of the game.

For without sorrow how would we recognize joy and love?
You see He knows best, the one up above.
For without sickness and pain.
How would we recognize the healing, we in faith gain?

It all works together this life and mixture of human emotions.
So think when you get one of your wild notions.
He’s in control and this will soon past from your mind.
And you’ll be stronger and with others in pain, more than kind.

Wouldn’t it be terrible to always be right and never see night time fall?
For if all things were perfect on Him you never would call.
So this way He is needed and for Him You are needed too.
All things are for a reason, the things that happen to me and you.

© by Harriett Dash 2003