Ladder To Heaven


The ladder from the bottom looks so very high
You think,  Iíll never make it through the cloudless sky.
But here is the answer, the first rung is the start
Now for the cleansing of an impure heart.

Think on good thoughts and clean up your mind
Because we are different, one of a kind.
Now for the second rung be ye separated
Conform not to the world but be heaven related.

Now for the third rung, lift your head up high
For the Savior is waiting in the sweet by and by.
To live is for Christ not to die
Keep in the truth, donít get caught in a lie.

Now the higher the ladder the harder the work
But from duty do not shirk.
The harder and higher the climb, the greater the reward
Use the spirit, the heavenly sword.

The road gets smoother the higher you go
It seems like the battle is going so slow.
But lift up your head throw back with a shout
The Saviorís face you can see, now thereís no doubt.

But the truth is, the top youíll never see
Not until we sit at the Masters knee.
So be ye content with whatever state you are in
The secret is to be clean and pure and free from all sin.

© By Harriett 2001