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As you can see she’s beautiful all dressed in white:
She is my friend and that seems to be alright:
Remember the day at Ryans we sat and ate all day:
The memory is a good one that will never go away:

We don’t get to meet often but when we do its great:
We talk and talk about things that only to us relates:
I think we talked that day through the lunch time:
The waitress looked at us and smiled
she knew you were a friend of mine:

She must have of had a friend
and knew where we were coming from:
I drank ice tea and coffee till I was numb:
We got up for desert and told her to hold our place:
She looked at us again and put a smile on her face:

The table in the corner, I look each time I go there:
In hope of looking and seeing you sitting in the chair:
You’re always filled with laughter and good things to say:
I get excited to talk to you, it seems to make my day:

Its good to have friends when you have a troubled mind:
These are very few and you are one of a kind:
Know that I am here for you as you are there for me:
Next time I go to ryans, I hope its you I see:

You are a free spirit and say whats on your mind:
God made you special and again you are one of a kind:

From Harriett to Konnie Kingery
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By Harriett Dash 2001          Home