Kenny Dash

My brother in law is one of the best.
Laughs and tells jokes , puts your giggle box to the test.
He calls his brother each morning to say hello .
And with words, he's not slow.

Hes got a come back no matter what you say.
He's always thinking and busy each day.
He's a trooper and has come through sickness and trials.
But always has a wonderful smile.

There have been times when I know hes been in pain.
But hes hung in there, his healing to gain.
He pushed forward and with the word of God, stood strong.
Knowing his faith and right from wrong.

He's always been a light to me .
And also for all the world to see.

He lived it to the letter and came through the test of faith.
Knowing that heaven was waiting at the end of the race.

He has raised his family in the way they should go.
And the word of God they all know.
Hes been faithful to the word and always true.
So my Brother In Law Kenny, this is a tribute to you


By Harriett Dash 1/5/2005         Home