Kenny and Jeanette Dash

As a Mom and Dad you are the best I have ever seen.
For your children you are perfect running machines.
Always there at the appointed time.
God and your children are always on your mind.

And then when there is sickness you always do all you can do.
Calling on God and letting them know they can depend on you.
You have lived your life for the Lord and His work.
And from your duties you have never shirked.

You didn't have to be family just someone in need.
You would feed and take care of as a good deed.
All around you know all they have to do is call.
You will go to the Lord in prayer for one and all.

I am paying tribute to you both as family and also as a friend.
Knowing you'll be there for all to the very end.
You have come through trials and sickness, and of some I did know.
But never once of the Lord did you let go.

So you see all you have done on earth and have spoken here.
Lets me know that the Savior is near.
So my prayer is be blessed with all things that come from Christ above.
And know within your heart by all you are  loved.

By Harriett Dash       Home