Just To Be A Woman

Getting to know me seems a very hard thing to do
For I guess its because I am me and you are you.
I can change my mind from day to day
I am woman and insist on having my way.
Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I am right
At times I feel loose and then change to being uptight.

Of course there are times when I laugh and then I cry
And I have no idea as to the reason why.
But I am a woman as you can guess
I do what I want and then leave the rest.
There are times I am up and times I am down
On my face you'll see a smile or then a frown.

But all in all when you look you will see
No matter what, I am still me.

I love the saying, I'm a woman its my choice to change my mind.
It seems we have earned the reputation to say this.
I think sometimes God put in us a defective forward and reverse gear,
of course that was the part that came from man, at least I feel that way. 
To know me is hard to do.

By Harriett Dash 1998