Just A Swinging.

My new swing is so good and beautiful it was made for me
Not just wood and nails but it you would have to see.
I thought I wanted a country swing just to sit in and smile
But my Husband thought different, he had style.

Its new and made in the wicker mode but made of PVC that will hold
It isnít a sissy one, its big and bold.
Has arms like pillows that will lull you to sleep
Long sofa like bottom so full and deep.

With chains all white and shiny like new
He smiled as he unloaded it, said Baby, its made for you.
We looked at the swing and then at the porch he did look
Its going to be close but the job he never forsook.

He preceded to drill for holes that would hold this big Girl
Hole after hole till it looked like a drilled world.
But that was okay because finally he hit pay dirt
Broken bit after broken bit but he didnít quit his work.

Just as he started the thunder did sound
He smiled at me and looked around.
It didnít stop him as the winds and rain did pour
Finally I begged him to come in the door.

He said it wonít hurt this swing the weather it can stand
My sweet was determined, this was my man.
But to me he was a man in a uniform working with a goal in mind
My precious hubby and my swing, both one of a kind.

He was determined to put up that beautiful swing just for me
A man on a mission, the future he did see.
Him and I just a swinging on the porch on a moonlit night
All hugged up and cuddling ever so tight.

Cup of coffee in hand and our little dog between us so sweet
I love my new swing and on my porch it looks so neat.

© by Harriett Dash July 2003    Home