Joy When We Get There


Can you imagine, no sorrow or pain?
Only happiness will there be to gain.
If we can but endure till the end.
Refrain and hold back from earthly sin.

The joy and the look upon his face.
To see us come in, he who took our place.
He will smile and reach out his hand.
And welcome you to a better land.

Then he'll turn and walk with you to show you all.
Of  what you've gained by accepting his call.
They'll be no sorrow or sadness of any kind.
Only joy and peace will be on your mind.

Green grass forever and the water streams will flow.
Only friends and loved ones where ever you go.
So if it's in death you are to pass soon.
Don't be afraid there's more than enough room.

He knew he'd have a big family so mansions are tall.
He made made sure there's room for one and all.
While your time is here, do all you were called to do.
Enjoy the gifts  He's given to you.

Just know in your heart when it's time for you to  cross.
All you have done will not be a loss.
Your deeds are all written down in the book of life.
Rewards for coming through troubles and strife.

For holding up your head and declaring the truth about God.
Rewards for the rough paths that you have trod.
Accept the joy and happiness He has sent.
For these are things for us that was meant.

With his help you can come through the sorrow and pain.
If we make it through it's heaven we will gain.
So love, learn and remember most of all.
When we fall asleep in him, we'll arise to answer his call.


By Harriett Dash  
Jan. 2004