"Jared Ewing"

A New Person at N.B.W.O

Well let me see how can I describe this young man.
He walked into our life and right away had the upper hand.
It was like he  had always been here or was meant to be.
As soon as he met us freedom we could see.

We laugh at him sometimes because he doesn't understand.
The language that we use in this southern land.
Sometimes he will just look at us with a strange expression on his face.
Like maybe he isn't sure just what has taken place.

The kids all seem to love him because with them he does joke.
As a matter of fact he even gets along with the older folk.
Right away he introduced himself and let it be known.
That this  place for awhile will be called his home.

Well I just want him to know when he reads this about himself.
We all appreciate him and especially all his help.
He lends a hand with the food outreach and all the work there is to do.
Works right along with the others on the staff too.

We just want you to  know Jared we Appreciate you.
Staff At Channel 25
New Beginning World Outreach 2001

By Harriett Dash 2001