I Wish

I wish to meet a new soul each day
To help someone lost to find their way.
I wish to be ready when you call
I wish to smile when tears do fall.
Just to serve you with all my might
To know the truth and do what's right.

It's hard sometimes not to do wrong
The days seem to be so very long.
I know tomorrow will be okay
If I can live close just one full day.
I think I can handle one minute at a time
And I know I can, its all in my mind.

Because minutes are not really very long
Knowing its forever when I get home.
I know to you a day is as a thousand years
It feels like that now when in sorrow and tears.
All will be joy and gladness there
All will be loved and all will care.

It will be a blessed reunion day
When with you we are called away.

by Harriett Dash