I Wasn't There

I wasn't there when they nailed him to the cross or when my Savior died
I wasn't there when Mary looked on his face or when she cried.

I have heard these words, I wished I could have been there that day
To look upon my Saviors face and wipe the tears away.

But I tell you brother, you're in the best place you could be
For in the resurrection, his precious face you'll see.

There's no way I could have taken His pain and agony
For on the earth I would have bowed upon bended knee.

I can see him looking to the heavens and seeing fallen man
Speaking to His Father saying forgive them once again.

In heaven there'll be no bruise's and no blood flowing from his side
No tears stains upon his face from the day that he cried.

He'll be standing in strength and power with His Father up above.
He'll have his arms outstretched and a heart full of love.

by Harriett Dash