I was Just Thinking

As I look out over the forest can I really see the trees
Am I hearing the voice of Jesus in the soft gentle breeze.
Do we really know what we are looking at or just what we want to see
Is our mind playing tricks on us to put us where it wants us to be.
Are we in total control of our lives or is it in control of us
When we see or think , can our hearts and mind be held in trust.

I think not unless its the of mind of Christ in our hearts and soul
This is a story of years gone by one that's very old.
We let our minds wander out into the demonic space
Not knowing God has a plan for all the human race.
God knows in his heart where or who we are
He sees the man he can trust and he knows how far.

He'll let you go out on your own He never pulls back on the rein
He depends on his word and men of God, you to train.
If you hear not and see not there isn't much He can do
He gave power to make up your mind the same to me as you.
So when you look, please try your best to see
What God has given to you and given to me.

We should give our best to Him as He did for us
Show him how much you love His wonders, be one He can trust.
So look and see with a clean and pure heart
So that when He comes and leaves you'll not be watching Him depart.
Look at the beauty and see it and you'll know you passed the test
Then  step into the Throne of Glory and know you did your best.

By Harriett Dash 2001