Itís Not what you take with you. 

Itís not what you take with you, but what you leave behind.
Itís not what you hang on to but whatís in other peoples minds.
Memories of laughter and memories of joy and tears.
Confessions of your faults and confessions of your fears

We know we arenít perfect and others know this too.
Donít put on a show for your friends just be you.
This is what they will remember, love from your heart.
Time when they needed you and you stayed from the start.

You reached out and held their hand and gave them a smile.
Spoke these words into their ears, IĎll go that extra mile.
Changed their tears to laughter with a joke or two.
At just the perfect time when they needed you.

They would tell a story and you heard it before.
You would say so sweetly, tell me once more.
You understood when they were angry and you just hear them out.
They ranted and raved and you smiled as they did shout.

Then they looked at you and on your face was a great big smile.
Now you take them by the shoulder and go that one more mile.
"It's okay" youíd say, and this is what they remember of you.
Not what you took with you but what you left for them to do.

Be a friend to another and do as they had seen.
Help someone through a bad time living through a dream.
You would say,  "Hey it's okay, if my friend were here heíd say.
Stay by my side, together we can make it to a better day".

And just remember, itís not what you take with you.
But what you leave behind.
Memories that are left in other peoples mind.

 © by Harriett Dash 2002