Isn't It The Truth?


It seems as if Life is backwards as the born loser said:
The day is here we work and work  still remain in the red:
Our children are neglected and they are so important to us:
The future is  theirs and in them we must put our trust:

But we must take time for them and teach them to love each other:
The world needs people who feel kindness and love for one another:
Its our responsibility as parents to know what is wrong and right:
To teach them to discuss the situation and to not fight:

Children only see and hear what we want them to:
That's the only way they know what to do:
They are born as gifts to raise and to train:
To enjoy the sunshine and to walk in the rain:

To know  that life is a gift and use it as so:
To be a treasure to  have fun where ever they go:
If they are full of fear and full of mistrust:
To put them at ease is really up to us:

So take time for the children no matter to whom they belong:
They could truly be angels that come down from the throne:

By Harriett Dash 2001