Inspired By Environment

Lucille and Harry Barlow

As I look around I try and think of you.
I see pictures sitting right out in view.
So then I know you are still in my heart.
For the sight of you remains and from me did not depart.

Even though you are gone the memories linger still.
You were not just a dream but oh so very real.
As I look I see but  know the warmth I felt.
When in your loving arms I was held.

Even though the house is empty the walls are covered with you.
I see you in all the things we use to do.
The laughter that we shared at the birth of our first child.
Upon your face is an approval smile.

Our 50th anniversary all our friends gathered around.
We were so happy the talk of the town.
How do they do it was the voices that I heard.
But I just smile at you and said not a word.

I can still smile as I see in the environment you are there.
With that smile upon your face and still not a care.
The secret was compassion for one another and most of all true love.
Now I know as back then it was sent from God above.

By Harriett Dash   November 2003