You Are Your Happiness

We sometimes let others decide for us what we are going to feel for the day. We let them work on our heart and our mind. Do you know that people can place you in a valley, a valley of indecision and depression? Sometimes we think we are doing it to ourselves but we arenít. Think for a moment, anytime you have felt bad hasnít there usually been some one that made you feel that way? We get depressed over a lost loved one that has gone on and nothing we can do will change their destiny but the way we express ourselves can change ours. We have talked to someone and they have told us their problems and our heart goes out to them and we take them on as ours, then we too are feeling low. God is bigger than any problem and we need to realize that and give it to him.

Happiness is something that comes from deep within.  Something we are in control of.  It is a sense of joy a thing that is in your inner parts. When the Lord says for us to rejoice, he does not mean just for the moment, he meant just what the scripture said. This is the day the Lord has made. let us be happy and glad in it. In the day he has made.

Psalm 118:24-"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

There will be times you feel bad but donít let it drag you down day after day. You lose so much of your life, not the other persons life but your life. If you practice happiness it will become a part of your life, a habit, one you will enjoy and those around you will also enjoy. Live your life one day at a time. I used to stay awake nights worrying about tomorrowís problems and Iíd watch my Husband sleep. He says, "what can you do about it tonight?  Get some sleep and let tomorrow handle its self. Such a wise man.

Remember your happiness is controlled by what you say and what you think not what someone else says or thinks. Get control of your emotions, donít let them control you. I like it where Paul say he was going to be content with the state he was in, the only persons health it hurts is yours. The Lord wants us happy, and as long as we do what he wants, that is what counts, and that will be contentment. Who in your life if they be here or gone is more important than your health or your state of mind?  Be Happy, Be fun. Enjoy as much of life as you can. It's long for a lot of us and the longer it is the more time you have to be happy, so you have a choice.  Live long and happy or short and sad, because sadness and depression will shorten your life.
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