Wake Up Jesus

Sometimes in our life the storm rages and in that time we realize at many times we have taken Jesus for granted. We have in words, put him to sleep to wait till we need him. I think today in this day and time we need to wake up the Jesus in our life continually day after day.

In Luke 8:22-25, Matthew 8:23-27 and Mark 4:35-41 it tells of a storm.. These men knew they had the master on board but took it for granted there would be no storm they couldn't handle. 

It had been a tiring day for the Lord and he was exhausted. He was in human form and spirit, he needed rest just like we do. He needed to get away from the crowd , even though he loved them, he needed a break. He laid down and went into a deep sleep. We know as the story goes the sea tossed the ship back and forth so hard the men on the ship were afraid. Jesus did not wake up, he had no fear of the storm, he knew the Father. So deep was his sleep the storm did not disturb him. To the fishermen the storm was so real they knew they were going to die. The sleep of Jesus was of a clear conscience and a pure heart. My understanding was in reading about this storm, it came suddenly and was larger than all the storms they had ever came through.  Not thinking how could they perish with the Savior on board, they were thinking of themselves. But at once as He heard the cry, "Master, "Master, he awaken knowing the distress they were in. As the son of man he slept but as the Son of God he woke up and acted. He knew he had the power over the wind the rain, the storm. He also has control over the storms in our life. When the winds come against you and the storm rages "Wake up Jesus", call on his name, just say, Master, Master. He will awaken to you  now as he did to the fishermen then.

Jesus is always there, he's always awake waiting on you to wake him up in your life. Jesus did not shout at the storm, he simply rebuked it, "He said, Be still". That was all it took, he spoke to the storm as if there were someone or something inside the storm that needed to be bound or stopped.  Sometimes we forget we have that same power that Jesus had to rebuke the storms and when we do forget we have the power, call upon him, the one that is in control. But be careful for after Jesus rebuked the storm He also rebuked his disciples for not having faith. He asked them, "why are you afraid, where is your faith? Can any evil befall you as long as I am near? Then in one he said, "O ye of  little faith. Jesus knew they had some faith, but not enough to handle a storm that big.  But some  people say that it was the devil thinking this was his chance to destroy  Jesus since he was asleep on the boat.  But what the devil didn't know was even when Jesus is asleep he is the Almighty, the Son of God and has power.  As we in this life sail across to the other side, remember He is ever present in our life and ever awake, it is the power within us that is asleep. When you are rocked back and forth in the storm just  cry "Jesus, save me I perish", he will be there.

Inspired by a message by Evangelist Sheila Stanley.

By Harriett Dash 2003     Home