Truly-Truly Accept Christ

Christ is the Landlord of our life more ways than one. He is the Lord of this land and the Lord of our Life, if we will let Him be. We are made from the Land in the beginning and the body will return to the land but the Spirit will go to the Promised Land.

When we are out in sin, guess who owns us, yes the devil, guess who owns our land, yes, the devil and he is so expensive and he never makes repairs, only causes more damage.

Just think for a moment, if someone came to you and said "Hey, how would you like to have a really great place and at no charge to you"?  what would you say, of course you would say yes. He tells you I have purchased this and I will be your manager living in the same building to always be there to help you in the time of trouble, to make repairs free of charge. If you accept this offer, you are saved.

Well now the old landlord isnít so happy so he keeps coming back at you, mean and hateful and demanding rent, well you are not going to pay him but you canít pop him one either because heís to big, so what you do is this, say to him "Take it up with the new Landlord", no matter what he tells you donít believe him, heís a liar...quietly say "Take it up with the new Landlord. Send him to Jesus, Jesus is there He is now the manager of your life, youíre in control but you have a backer, you have someone that is bigger and more powerful than the old landlord.

Once you truly accept the Lord into your life no matter how many times the devil comes knocking send him to the new Landlord. He will bring things into your life that he knows is a weakness, such as self pity, fear, insecurity and youíll really feel them getting to you until all of sudden you realize, hey I donít rent from you anymore, get away, go take it to my new Landlord and Heíll give you what you need. Donít get into a full conversation with him heíll break you down, thatís his job and heís had a lot of practice. Whatís that saying the young people have now "Point to the door and say Speak to the hand because the face isnít listening". Resist him and heíll flee, heíll get the point when he sees you are not going to take him back.

Donít let feelings get to you, theyíll fool you, they are still there but you and Jesus have them under control, only the devil can stir them up, resist him. When we are saved we are pulled up by the roots from the world, not just trimmed down to grow again. Do not feel discouraged if he keeps coming back, that just builds up your faith, makes you stronger, every time you resist him, youíll feel better and stronger. We are not superhuman we are just human. Donít let him break you down, sing a song, praise the lord, quote scripture over and over, if you know one, use it, get a good one and stand on it.

The old landlord will bring up past due debts, worry, hate, laziness and pride, but you remind him those bills have been paid and you are free!

Remember we have a New Landlord and His name is Jesus, all debts of this world have been paid in full, we are no longer under bondage to sin and things of the flesh that will not enter in. For everyone Satan brings up, send him to your new landlord. Once you truly accept the Lord for your Temple of Praise you are saved, Praise the Lord.
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