The Wear and Tear of Life.

Notice how only the two first letters differ? Yes, I feel as if wear and tear which also spells "Tear", meaning a small or large leak from the heart are so much alike or have so much in common. I feel as if this new year may bring a lot of wear on the physical as well as the mental. You know God did not promise us a bed of roses as a life style. I have never read about a minister just falling into the ministry. There are always trials and temptation and error on their journey. Without our mistakes how would we know we were on our way to perfection.

I think about my journey to where I am today and how time has flown by. I remember sitting and telling my husband last year at this time, Christmas will be back again before we know it. Well here is the end of a new year again. Its coming faster and faster. I havenít even had time to forget last year and memories are starting for the new year.

2 Peter 3:8 But beloved, be not ignorant of this, one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

I know now what this meant. Can you imagine the Lord sitting back watching us move at such a fast pace? I think He lets us go slower in our own eyes to give us time to think and correct our mistakes. Have you corrected your mistakes from the past year or do they still linger, have you learned anything from those mistakes or are you still making them?

We have a new chance, a new year or for some, a new day or week or then again maybe a few months. A young man came into our place of business the other day and was dying with cancer, he was crying, he had been living in sin and wanted to make things right. He said he knows the Lord and who he is , but the whole idea was he wanted to get married to make sure his family has something after he is gone, not once did he say, I donít want to go to hell for living a life of sin, this broke my heart. Sometimes we get confused as to what is right and wrong. He said he knew the Lord, but his word says this.

James 4:17, He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Once we are enlighten by the word of God we are accountable for our actions. Once your heart has received the word, which is Jesus Christ, you do know right from wrong. Our lives need to change. One thing about the human being is we have the right to change. I love the term "enlighten", that means a light, a way of seeing, burdens being lifted, to be made lighter. Think this new year on the fact, He has given us another year to become enlighten. Knowing him and living for him is different. Learn the difference. The wear and tear of life can either destroy you or make you stronger and better. Let it make you stronger and better, you make the choice. Think of every day you have as a new chance because you could only have a day to make the change for eternity.
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