The Renewed Mind

This is some kind of revelation for me, we all think we have it together and then we read something or hear something and we realize this is true, we can do it, we can see it.  You feel it in your spirit first, even the sinner feels in his heart before he acts on something so its not like its something new. But the spirit man is different. We wish to build forms of Godliness, to be like our creator. Our life goals should be to be as much like God as we can be, to think like Him and to act like Him. But as human beings, things get in our way so we have to overcome daily. It comes to my mind, Jesus earthly father was a carpenter so Jesus watched daily things being built and constructed so outward, a form, we hear a form of religion, we are not to continue in a form, we are to become real. It should become an everyday thing to be a good person and to love one another but first we have to have a form. In any construction of a wall there has to be a form. In order for it to become a reality we are not to continue in form but to pursue the fact of laying a foundation. In everything there is a form and if it isn't secure it will become weak and ugly, it will not hold, the cement from God will leak through the cracks. The cement from God is Faith in believing we are getting stronger even though we are putting on the form. We must act out everything we do and as we act out what we should feel and think, it soon becomes a reality.

Have you ever met anyone you knew right from the start you didn't like but you knew you had to act like you did, and you listen to this person and you watched this person and you realized you could like them. If we put on the form of the gifts of the spirit daily we are building a form. We are not born with gifts and dislikes and likes, we form these by either watching or hearing others or reading something that gets into our spirit. When you look back to what you used to be and to what you are today, how did that come about? You changed your form, you changed the way you talk and the way you think. What you did was start a new form, started a new foundation. Sometimes the boards are weak and we are under construction when something hits us we fall, but the idea is to start all over, never give up on a good idea, a good construction site, if the foundation is secure you can build on it many times until you are ready to have faith and make it permanent.

Start today, a new day, a new form, smile even though the storms have shaken your foundation, be kind even though you have been hurt, you can build onto a foundation as long as you're here on earth. The earth is large and we are made from it, our very beginning was formed from it. Be the person you would like to be, not the person that you see now, Faith, Faith, that's the cement that forms us so get set now to be what you want to be.
By Harriett Dash 2000     Home