The Lighter The Better

Burden: Something that is hard to bear: A duty or responsibility: A ships capacity for carrying a cargo.

Now I want you to study for just a moment the definition of burden, isn't that terrible? Well I think as a person that is waiting for lift off I want to be as light as possible. I have found out the cares of  this life can become a burden, a responsibility. Now I am not sure about your ship but this ship of Zion is going to let go of the cargo that has for so many years burdened her down.

Things of this world like feelings that hurt so easy and hurt that becomes an angry feeling, now these are things that can weigh on us so heavy we may not have lift off power.  Have you ever noticed after a good church service that a feeling of weightlessness comes over you like maybe you left all those cares at church or better yet gave them to the Lord. You know He is so much better equipped to  handle them than us. I'd love to be able to carry that feeling about me all the time.

It's a big job to take on, to dump all that cargo but you have to start somewhere.  Let's start with un-forgiveness, now the load of un-forgiveness is real heavy.  But with time and thinking as Jesus, this can lighten.  He forgave them for taking his life, for beating him and placing a crown of thorns upon his head, we haven't been there have we, so think on that one.  

Hate, now that's  a tough one and it's heavy to, because you are always thinking on it, it's in your mind and in your heart. It has to weigh you down. You know if we think about that person and what made them like that, what made them do or say the things they did to cause hate to rise up in them, what did they suffer to make them that way, who hurt them? And realize they have a spirit in them that will have to be gotten rid of sooner or later.  Think on that and then try to let it go, remembering the trip always, the lighter  the load the better the lift off.  

Sadness, now this  is to me one of the most terrible ones because it comes so easy, and a lot of times caused by disappointment in others or even your self. Its hurts to see so many people with sad looks and  you know they have been hurt but then if they aren't careful this sadness becomes a way of life.  I have seen people no matter what you say to them,  they have a sad story to tell, like they thrive on it, well, they can carry it if they wish but to me its a load to carry so lighten it up.  The lighter the load the better and easier the lift off.  It may take years to lighten your load but start to work on it as soon as possible because the more days we spend on this earth the closer the leaving is, and I know one thing, I do not want to have burdens to haul  with me or maybe make me miss the lift off.  I don't want that heavy feeling.  I want the lightness of the joy of the Lord to be in me, to fill me to the brim so that I'll have a quick liftoff.

By Harriett Dash 2003     Home