The First Love

Matt: 19:30 But many that are first shall be last and last shall be first.

Knowing how to pray and putting those prayers to work are two different things. Anyone can pray or say a prayer. There is a key to success even in prayer. How many times have you heard this statement there is a key?

Well there is a key to having the ability to think, the key is motivation and then there is a key to motivation and that is the desire and then the key to desire is the heart, you see it all goes to having the heart, the main key lays in the heart.

In this day and time people are always working on a scheme, something where there are people beneath them working for them. Most just want to set on top and watch and have all beneath them do the work. The first one has the key to ability and then the second one has the key to motivation, the third one has the key to desire to be on top, could you imagine if they all put the keys together and worked on the heart and then use all the keys to get to the top. The plan of God is just that, all working together.

I think God looks on man sometimes in confusion and says to himself. "Man get your act together". Pray all in one accord. Team work, cords tightly bound together are hard and almost impossible to be broken.

Here are my thoughts on "The first and the last". When we are first saved everything looks so different, we are looking through clean windows of our heart, pure because all of lifeís dirt is washed away, we are now born again....first love in the inside...we are on a team we are praying with others, we know their thoughts, they know ours, we share everything. Everyone knows what the other knows to pray about, joining together. No top or bottom.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil those that put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Never pray about something you know nothing about. When people ask you to pray about something find out what and why. You never want to pray against the will of the Father. Always pray in the will of the Father, no matter what preachers tell you, pray "Thy Will Be Done".

Then it happens, the newness begins to fade, little things began to clutter your mind, bad thoughts of others, judgment sneaks in, lazy spirits sneak in, slowly not all at once so you would notice. In the beginning you could forgive anything, you were pure within and only the things of the spirit concerned you. You never had to ask can I help you, you just knew what to do and done it. You see there is a secret to keeping the first love in your heart and mind. Renew that love daily. When the Lord comes back he is taking those with the first love in their hearts not those that have lost their desire to serve him and love him.

Isaiah 2:12 For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty and upon every one that is lifted up and he shall be brought down.

Be the last but live like the first, renew that love, cleanse yourself daily. We live in a world of confusion and of dirt. He said to live in the world but be not of the world. Donít participate in the acts of the world. We do not have to fit in, in order to get someone saved, that's a lie the devil has told to even some of Gods very elect. People want to be different that is why they want what we have, if they see us being cool and living like them they feel as if they are okay, if we can make it so can they, Be ye not deceived God is not mocked, we canít pretend to be what we are, we are either a Christian and different or we are not. Our outside appearance will show what we are inside. The way we talk and the way we walk. Many say the Lord looks upon the heart but what is in the heart will come out and will show itself to the world. Women, decent and modest dress and man like wise. Would you want someone to pray for you with a ring in his nose or no shirt on or a lady with her belly showing and pants so tight she canít kneel down, no, its very important to be Christ like. We are not cool and we are not to fit in, as the world says, we are Christians and are to live as such. We either have power with God or power with the world. Choose this day whom you may serve.

Be the Love at the top reaching down to the hand of the second reaching down to the hand of the third pulling all to the top. Be a light, be a positive person in Christ so that all who knows will want to pray like you and be like you, to join in your stand for Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 8:20 If they speak not according to his word it is because there is no light in them.

Question:  Who is the Light of your life?  Live so you may go with the First.

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