Secret Of Prayer

First of all there really is not a secret in Prayer but there is a secret of prayer.  If you read the word of God then you know how to pray.  In Matthew it tells us what to say.  Never think you canít pray because if you can read, you can pray.  The most perfect prayer was the prayer of the disciples. This prayer covers all you need to say, no long drawn out words, saying the same thing over and over again saying nothing.  Donít ask for a reward here from man, once you receive it, you have received your reward and the things of this earth will pass away but that reward that comes from Him will last forever.
Matt:6- Be very careful , donít just do good things before people. You have received your reward.  In my way of thinking, this means once man (because it was your intention) has given you glory, you have received your reward.  Never go around telling about the good you have done or bragging to someone.  I like what it says in verse four.

Matt. 6: 4- Do your good in secret so that your Father may reward you openly.  First you receive that wonderful feeling of doing for someone else and then the Father rewards you also for doing, isnít it great.

Back to prayer. Matt: 6: 6,7and 8 says Use not vain repetitions saying the same thing over and over again.  Pray in your closet, this means in a secret place that is private.  Make it a place you and God have made together, the same place each time if possible.  Once you have a designated place when the Father sees you coming he will know you have come on business.  Realize before you speak that He already knows what's in your heart, so just talk to him a few minutes about the way you feel about it.

As we read the Lords prayer, notice there are sixty four words to it, well in my bible there is. That is a little more than a minute, do you realize all you can say in just one minute?

First we let Him know we know where He is and how wonderful and precious He is.  We pray for His kingdom to come here as it is there, that means for the glory to come down. We tell him we are looking for His coming that means we are watching daily.  I have experienced Heaven here on earth many times.  All good things in my life came from heaven.  We then pray for daily bread that covers the food we eat to keep our bodies going, notice in the prayer , its a prayer for the saints, not I or Me but for ďUsĒ. This one
really blew my mind so to speak, one of those revelations.  What do we ask forgiveness for?  We ask for it for the wrong things we have done the mistakes we have made. Forgive us our debts, that proves to me we are not supposed to be in debt, we are to owe no man. As the prayer goes on we ask forgiveness for them that are indebted to us also. We ask him to watch over us and deliver us from the way of temptation.  The prayer, But deliver us from evil. Do you think maybe the things we are most likely to be tempted with is evil?  We then close with the acknowledgment that He is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.

As you can see, each sentence says so much more than you know. Sixty four seconds of prayer can turn into an hour of prayer and the prayer is for ďUsĒ.  I want to close with this thought. Matt6:21- For where your treasure is there will be your heart also. Think on this as you go about your daily business, what is in your heart, is it treasure that can rust and corrupt or is it treasures laid up in heaven?
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