Save The Children

Now I could start something here and not have enough room to write it. I have some very special children in my life and they are what has inspired me to write this. I read a saying one time that in every man there is a Boy trying to get out. This is so true and also within a woman a little girl.. I love the times I share with my Grandchildren, they bring out the youthful part of me, the little girl I lost years ago. I have caught myself being so busy and then hear a small voice say Mamaw come play with me and I think what a great invitation. So I stop what I am doing, thinking at the time I really need to get this done but I look into the eyes of that child and think this day will not come again. I then regress back into childhood with no regrets at all. I never let a chance go by to regain my youth using my children or Grandchildren. Some people think I am younger than I am, and its because of the youth I surround myself with, they have so much energy to share and so much laughter and laughter will make you young and give you energy. I use to think there was a time and place for everything until I had children and now I know there is a place and time. Any place I am is a fun place to be as long as they are with me . It takes a very grown up and intellectual person to play with a child, you canít fool children, they know if you are real or not, they know if you are a child at heart, they can relate to you. I never say I am too old for things because as long as there is breathe in our bodies we are not too old, we may move a little slower but we are supposed to. Children like us older folks because we are slower, you never see a Grandparent dragging a child along the street you see the child leading them. If the child is tired and wants to take a nap that's wonderful and we will stay right there with them until they decide to get up. If they leave us in a certain spot we will stay there until they come back for us. When we cease to be children we cease to live. We are moving to fast! ! slow down relax play with a child, they live for the moment not for tomorrow or next week.

My Grandson can take a piece of rope or chain or a rock, anything and use his imagination to make a game, I love just watching him, he has taught me so much, he loves where he is and what he is doing, nothing goes on around him, he's in his world and its a world of imagination. If we donít at some time brighten up someone elseís day we have not lived that day to its fullest. When I hear someone yell "Mamaw" my heart skips a beat, you know why, because I know they want to play with me, they choose me. Do not put off living life to the fullest, every wasted day is a day closer to Death, live, be happy and you know that reminds me of a Doll named Raggedy Ann. She's my favorite doll because she always has a smile and a heart of love, no matter what happens to her. I read a little of a story about how she came about and I want to share that with you. In 1915 a man by the name of Johnny Gruille had a daughter who was very ill and he began to tell her stories of a little rag doll named Raggedy Ann and how she made the best of everything that happened in her life and how she was loved by all the other dolls and how she always loved no matter what happen. I think this is something for us all to think about how she always kept her smile even when her cotton got all wet and they had to take it out and put fresh in, she still was overjoyed because she had gotten new cotton, she always had her smile. If you want to be remembered when you are gone, how would you like people to think? I want people to say she was a happy person and had so much fun in life, she made the best of it, she came through the hard times and enjoyed the good times. Remember in all of us there is a child, a party going on, a world no one else can touch.

When you feel like you are in a hurry slow down. I love going to the park alone, taking time for myself to think on life and count my blessings. I am not bored, I can sit and look at people and think of what their life must be like, see where they live and if you look close enough the pain in their face, pray for them. Solitude is wonderful if you know how to use it. Free your mind, think as a child, what game can I play next, no fear just excitement. Let your thoughts go and smile, it's ok, everything will be fine, just relax, take a little time for yourself. Donít plan, just do. Take an inventory of your life, is it passing by or are you enjoying each moment? Find a child, take it by the hand and ask what do you want to play? Play, it's fun it makes you laugh, it makes you young. Children have a sense of wonder, they are indestructible they are going to live forever. My little granddaughter said to me the other day, I donít want to grow up. My heart broke to think she had seen so much in the adult world she did not want to be in it, I said to her "Then donít honey", I havenít and we both laughed and she walked away happy. Do not try to explain life but enjoy it's mystery. My prayer today is let me be fresh and new and always stand in awe at every new day and always have fresh thoughts as to what to make of it and what I can do with it, not what it can do to me. Look at every child and wish you were in the mind of that child so new and the chance to live in a dream world with child like faith.

I remember when my First Grandchild was born, well we just knew there would be no more so we took pictures of every movement, even placed a video camera in her crib in case she rolled over or made a noise and we might miss it. We laughed and played with her, she didnít know how happy she made us all. She is still the most exciting child in my life, she's a teen now and we still use her to make us happy. She has a wonderful outlook on life because we had a wonderful outlook and it rubbed off on her. She could astound us with the way she could get out of things and the way her mind would work, always thinking and is still that way. It would take a mountain of paper just to give you highlights like one special Christmas when her Father taught her to balance a straw on her upper lip and we all laughed, she still makes us laugh because she is still refreshing and full of fun.

Then our first Grandson, well the world could not offer us anything any better, beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair and so smart (of course). He could tell you every toy he had and where he left it, he has the most wonderful imagination of any child I have every known and is a blessing to us all and last of that group but not least, the smartest and the most beautiful little woman you could ever imagine, has the smarts of the oldest and the middle and then has her own. She's a princess and more or less rules the roost but does it with such finesse that you donít know what hit you and is a child with all the things in her head a child should have, the joy the fears and then God, they all have God and know what it is like to be blessed. My youngest is the one I am the closest to because she lives next door. For a long time we told her we were just visiting next door because we didnít want her to know we lived there until one day she found us at home and then she knew, life has never been the same since. She lives each day to the fullest, she has her own world and knows it's real and loves every minute of it. They are all a story in their own right. Not enough time or paper to get into that. Hope you enjoyed all this and please stay young, think young, live young and most of all use your imagination.
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