I have heard people say this and I also have said it many times "I canít wait to ask God why". Many times we have a problem accepting things that happen and I am not saying I ever will but I am willing to try.

We feel as if we need to know everything, but in Gods time we will. I have looked back into the past and remembered something that happened and I say to myself, "now I know, forgive me Lord for asking why".

We are born with trust as a child but somewhere along the way, human nature has taught us differently. When we are born again we are not to trust nature, human or otherwise. We are to trust in the word of God knowing He has plans for our lives. In our patience we possess our souls. Now we wonder what does that mean? I am not sure if I can say exactly but here are some of the things I would like to say about it. My definition of soul is patience, endurance, acceptance, reliability. Waiting with patience, this is a gift not spoken of in the Bible and is a gift not many people have. Endurance is also a gift and this I have seen many Christians go through and make it to the end, but only those that have the ability to accept what Gods plan is for their lives.

Faith is the substance of things hope for, and that is in your soul, faith that God has a plan and He will make the best of your situation for His sake. We have to learn to accept God's time and His way. Sometimes in our lives we start a stone rolling and it will not stop. That is something we do, not God if it be good or bad. To me the most beautiful gift in the Bible is wisdom. Wisdom comes through much prayer and lots of times experience. If we watch how God takes care of a situation and learn from it, that is wisdom on our part. Rely on God, if it is good it's from God, He does not give us bad spirits. I heard a minister say one time God told her plainly there would not be any hateful or rude people in heaven. Now that made me happy but a lot of so called Christians are in for a rude awakening.

Back to patience, God lets us do as we please but he does have a plan. I was one of three girls and God chose me to marry a man from a God fearing family that knew they had raised their children right. They believed the word when it said "Raise a child in the way it should go and it will." My husband did get saved and so did I , and out the union we had a son that is now a Pastor. I believe that he was born at the time and place God had planned. He was born for the generation he is in today to win his generation and others to Christ. I believe I was chosen to help Gods plan by obeying the will he had for me and my life. I have learned to have so much patience, it takes time and a lot of being pushed around.

I was one of three girls and God chose me to save first because I feel He saw something in me He could use. I have always had more patience than the others and I think it was because I was shy and quiet but God saw a person He could use in the future so He never gave up on me.

Out of we three, I was the one that accepted the Lord, I was the one with the patience to endure. My husband has so much patience and the gift of wisdom. He will be patient for as long as it takes. He says if God said it, He will do it in His time not ours. Remember in your patience you possess your soul because patience will win the race and patience will endure.

My son preached a message one time on "Rolling Stones" and it was so good, he explained to us how those stones got to where they were suppose to be at the right time and place. How they rolled down stream being beaten against other rocks maybe even tossed on dry land waiting to be picked up by the testing waters again and again. By the time they reached their destination they were three smooth stones just waiting to be used by God. These stone slayed the giant Goliath, what if they had given up and just laid where they were, they would not have been ready for the test, but they endured, they had patience. We can be as steady as the rock if we hold on to our patience and endure the world and all its testing. Just try to remember, trials are testing times to make us ready for the job He has for us to do. Just be patient. Donít keep asking why but accept His plan for you and your life.
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