Our Thoughts or God's Thoughts

My thoughts are not like your thoughts, says the Lord as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts.. Sometimes we forget just how big God really is. We try to work out the problem with the ways we think he might use and end up messing up our lives. I have seen Gods working power in my life that has shocked me back into the spiritual realm. 

How many times do you get yes from God and how many times No?  Usually the No has something to do with the way we think or the way we pray.  In the Bible I have read where he 
said we are to fast and pray a certain way or it will not work, so if it isn't working think about it and
change your way of thinking or praying.

There are ways to answered prayer and these are some of them, think God's thoughts, feel God's emotions.  We must want God's plan in our lives and his words in our  mouth. We must do the work of the Lord, remember his ways are better than our ways. There are scriptures in his word for all things in life, there is nothing new under the sun. At some time or another it has happened before. Its okay to ask God to confirm his word, sometimes in the mouth of babes comes your confirmation.  A person can walk up to you and make a statement that has nothing to do with what you are talking about and it will hit.....a revelation confirmation....go with it, you will feel it in
your heart. 

Our Church has made a turn about here lately, we are having more praise and worship than ever. God's house is supposed to be a house of worship. Its not made for a den of thieves or wicked
people, its Gods house.  You'll see them sneaking out the back door when the praise starts. They can't handle it so they leave. You know when "GOD'S" in the house. He said in his word to go out into the highways and by ways and compel them to come in, they will be thinking about the Lord before they come in and then the Lord will deal with them, they'll want what the church has, the peace the weightless feeling after the burdens of sin have left, they won't leave, not the ones God has a plan for.  Feel the Emotions of God, feel the excitement of knowing he is an all knowing
God and sees exactly what going on in your life.  We are to be united with our church brothers and sisters, united we stand separate we fall. 

Where two or more are gathered in his name he will be there. Of course I have heard people say  God and I make two, well where is the more?  We need fellowship we need unity. We have some very special people that God has sent into our lives and they are intercessory prayer warriors.
I have heard Bro. Copeland speak on this for years and now I know exactly what he is talking about.  You don't just do this, you have to have the heart for it because it will tear your heart apart to take on the burdens and trial and heart aches of others. Before you can give it to God you have to know what that person is feeling, you have to know their need and take it as your own, this is painful and you have to be strong. 

They have taught us a whole new way of Worship.  We are to be so thankful he has chosen us we are to have a spirit of Joy and a spirit of laughter, we are blessed even in our own trials and
troubles. We have an all knowing God and his thoughts and his ways are far above us. Even in his  word he speaks of  a people whose heart is far from him. That is when we don't think like him or have his emotions.  We must feel God.  We are to share our emotions with others, do you know that laughter is contagious and if it is,  so is sorrow.  We must use our emotions to stir up the gifts within us and others,  we must encourage not discourage.  For one moment I want you to close your eyes and be with the Lord,  just think of how much he loves you and how he suffered for you, the emotions he felt. 

All through the Bible he tells of how he felt.  Some people use the small scripture "Jesus Wept"  as a scripture they have memorized, not knowing what it means.  It was an emotion used by Jesus Christ to tell us how he felt.. he cried with all his heart...He wept!  Make a commitment to feel His emotions and think His thoughts. We must want the plan of God in our lives.  I heard a Minister make the statement that he thought it was a cop out to say God's will be done , but that's not
true, we must want the Will of God in all things we do or we pray to emptiness. We must know the plan of God and then we will know how to pray, don't pray against the will of God, that's wasted emotions.  Use wisdom to pray for wisdom,  we know God has a plan for our lives and knows the plan so ask him, what is your plan for my life? 

As an earthly Father will sometimes do what's best for you against your will so will our Heavenly
Father. We will put ourselves in a bad place sometimes and I think he watches for awhile to see if we can work it out ourselves and then he steps in and turns the bad into something good because
he knows we did not use wisdom.  So often we don't speak the Word of God, there is power in the word.  We put our faith on the line sometimes when we speak.  When the spoken word goes before God it starts an action in the heavens.  Lazarus could not come forth until Jesus spoke the word, think about that.  Jesus knew God wanted to raise him, it was the will of the Father. Don't speak a lot of useless words before God, he doesn't have time for foolish things.

Lots of times we just wish for something, don't do that, speak to God and hope for those things you know he wants you to have.  Remember one thing, God knows the heart, he knows if you have enough wisdom to use what you are asking for, sometimes the answer is no.  We as Gods people are not perfect only the Father in heaven is perfect so we are open for correction, we will make mistakes and we will be corrected by our elders.  Every word that we speak is weighed and measured by others.  We must never speak the desire of our heart but the desire of Gods heart for us.

Do the work God has called you to do, if he can't trust you why should he listen to you. Its a two way street.  For every promise there is an  "if you will I will."  We can only do what is possible and then we must leave the impossible up to our God.  Remember as I close, that Life is a Sacrifice it's not a game we are playing and we are not actors on a stage getting ready to perform, the earth is a getting ready place for what is to come, we must practice to be perfect for only the perfect will be with the perfected.
By Harriett Dash 2001     Home