Lillies Of The Field

Have you ever noticed how lilies are made how they are closed up and then they open and inside is life, it reminds me of the Tomb, how the stone was rolled away and then there was life. The inside of a Lilly shoots out from inside.

He’s the Lilly of the Valley, our bright and morning star. No matter how much education we have, we are uneducated when we are in the dark concerning Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Light of our life. Most bad things happens in darkness concealed from the eyes of people and the world. But when the Light comes things change, He lights the way to keep us from stumbling into sin and unrighteouness. Each day we can be as the lillies, open our hearts and burst forth with a new day and a new way. We all have strayed and come short, there is no one that was born a child of God, we all have to repent of the world, even though you think there is no sin in your life, the Bible says we are born of sin.

Our sins are what sent Jesus to the cross, not just one of us but all of us. Each time we sin we send him again to the cross, we might as well have the hammer and nails in our hand and strike each blow that drove the nails deeper and deeper into the hands of our Lord who did no sin.

The center of the Lilly is hidden in darkness until it can no longer stand the pull of the light and then it opens and burst forth. We are that way when we hear the word of God, its like a light pulling at the darkness in our life and the darkness of our soul. The word keeps pulling and pulling at us until our spirit man can not take it and he burst forth with repentance. Sin will break us but repentance will mend us. The Lilly needs water to exist as we need the Living water Jesus can provide. The Lord is like a spring of water bubbling up in our soul, he’s waiting for us to open up to him, to ask forgiveness for our darkness for the sin in our lives.

When I think of Grace I think of the Lilly, how graceful it looks how firm and strong it stands. When you reach for something notice how you hold out your hand, outstretched, thats how the Lilly is, outstretched, reaching for the light. Notice the character of the lilly the firmness of it stem and its leaves, the stem has to be strong in order to hold the lilly in the position it is in, leaning over, reaching out, its roots are strong. Once we are rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ, we also can be like the Lilies of the field, strong and always leaning to the understanding of our Savior.

Jesus is our Lilly, he is the life within us, the new life, we are the outside of the Lilly and he is the life within us bursting forth to renew us each day.

Your Lilly is only a breath away, a whisper "Please forgive me". Let him come into your heart today and place a new life within you, open to the light, no more darkness, only a whisper away.

By Harriett Dash 2000