In The shadow of the Cross

I have tried and tried to write this because the saying keeps going over in my mind, in the shadow of the cross so I am praying as I write God will give to me the correct words to say.

In the day Jesus walked on earth, the very shadow of him had healing. Wouldnít it be wonderful to be that close to God now, to be able to cast a shadow of healing or even a shadow of forgiveness? I have made the statement if we lived where we needed to be the devil would see us coming and cross the street. He wouldnít dare to be caught in our shadow.

Knowledge is different from knowing that we know. Our minds and hearts should be filled daily and renewed with the words of our Savior. I have read the Bible through but can still read it and get new revelations, I love revelations. WWJD is so great and so full of wonderful things, I've seen this on bracelets and neck chains and just looked at it but then I read the book, now I have a revelation. W-What W-would J-Jesus D-do? I mean really in any given situation if we stop and think, now what would Jesus do in this situation. Look all around, are you in the shadow of Jesus? If you are then you will think like Him and act like Him. I want to walk in His shadow feel his presence all the time even in a difficult situation where I have to decide to either get angry or feel sad , I want to do it in the spirit of Jesus. So many people use the one place in the Bible as crutch to get angry and throw a tantrum, where Jesus overthrew the tables. Jesus did this because they were using His FATHERS house wrong, he wasnít angry for himself, He was angry for his Father. When we get upset it should be for others not for ourself, we should love our brothers and sisters and fight for them, the Lord will fight our battles. If we love our fellow man and fight for him we are in the shadow of Jesus for this is what Jesus did. I canít remember once where He got mad because they were being mean to Him, just where they were being mean to someone else. All that we have belongs to the Lord and should be used for His kingdom, our gifts of knowledge, of singing, of teaching or just speaking words of encouragement to others. These are gifts. My son said if you tell the truth the first time, it will not be hard to tell it again. Children tell tales and they keep telling them until they believe them, its the same with adults. There are Christian people out there with lying spirits and they seem not to know it. We must love them enough to pray for them until that spirit leaves them, put them in the shadow of the cross. Have you ever stood talking to someone and felt their spirit and know without a word they are a child of God? I have and there is such a wonderful peace about the whole conversation no matter what the subject. We have a spirit about us and people are not fooled. How many times have you heard a sinner say, Iím living as good as they are and if they make it to heaven Iím going too? We can actually lead people to hell by the way we act and what we claim to be. Beware, we are held accountable for our actions and our way of thinking and our way of speaking. Just try to walk in the shadow of the cross and you will feel the difference in your life and you will also see the lives of others change around you, and think all the time what would Jesus do in this situation. Pray as I close that God will place in your heart a spirit of forgiveness to all and a constant WWJD.
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