I have heard my Pastor and many others speak on this and it has made me think different or should I say given me a whole new outlook on forgiveness.

God's forgiveness, now that's the real thing. Sometimes we are hurt by something we hear or by something someone has done to us and we say "we can never forgive that person", well we donít have to in a sense. We can use Godís forgiveness. God has a one way forgiveness, he does it even if the other person doesnít want it. We think they should ask us to forgive them but that's not what the Bible says, it says we are to forgive so they can be forgiven, that's great, the power we have in forgiveness. Many times in the bible when someone was healed Jesus said your sins are forgiven, they didnít ask for forgiveness just for healing but he knew they needed help also in their spirit. The spirit of forgiveness is a powerful thing, I donít think we know how powerful, think on this scripture, what we bind on earth is bound in heaven and , if we bind the spirit of forgiveness on earth it is bound in heaven.

Isnít it hard to know someone has hurt you and you have to forgive them, but think like this, you are in charge now, you have the upper hand. The ball is in your court, you now have to decide what to do. It is sinful to hurt someone because its not Godly and what isnít Godly is sin. We as christians know the minute we have done wrong because it hurts the spirit man within us, you see we are clean from sin but the sinner isnít, we have the power, he doesnít.

There is a word for the God kind of forgiveness and its called "unilateral", that's a one way forgiveness. I heard Jessie Duplantis say one time he could not forgive a person so he ask God to use His forgiveness and then when that happened it changed the whole atmosphere and he was able to forgive. We do not have scapegoats now like they had in the old times, we carry our own till it is forgiven. Oh how sweet it is to forgive someone of their faults against us, we have the power. I believe God gives us a hand of applause the minute we overcome, I think the angels in heaven rejoice every time we do as we should. Do you know that every time we forgive someone we are forgiven of our own mistakes. Judge not least we be judged, I see and hear people say things about other people and I say there go I but for the grace of God. Please never judge others for their circumstances until you know why they are there or what causes them to be the way they are. If someone is always being judgmental or speaking mean, find out why, my Pastor always says get to the root of the problem. God didnít make us Judges, he made us forgivers, he put into our hands something so powerful, the power of  "Unilateral Forgiveness" the power that can change eternity. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said: Be careful Godís at Work" sure makes you stop and think doesnít it? God will be at work in us until He comes for us and working for us as we work for remember this one thing as I close, God can be at work more ways than one, so really I guess you could say "Beware God is at work".
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