Have you ever wondered about the word "Feelings"?  So many people say I have a feeling that's wrong or that's right and you say how can you go on feelings?  I think feelings are so very important. Close your eyes and hold out your hand, now touch your hand, feel the sensation of a touch.  Well it's not just the touch of your hand but its something that goes to the brain and to the heart.  Our feelings come from our heart, the brain is involved because it put the thoughts into our heart.

Well, Jesus works that way, only He comes totally from the heart.  Out of the abundance of the heart,  we as God's children should speak and think. When we deal with other people we must think with feelings, as to how they would feel.  Before you speak harshly think from the heart.  Sometimes we hear things differently.  If we aren't listening in the right way we may hear things in anger or in a mean way.  I try to know that I speak the way I feel about things.  If someone says we were just talking about you.  I say "thank you", because I know it has to be good due to the fact if I were speaking of them it would be good.

We as Christians need to try and walk daily with our feelings and our feelings should be with compassion.  I know there are people out there that are mean and when they hear things, they hear it mean and when they say things they say it mean.  It is because they are mean.  That has to hurt them as much as it does the person that receives it. After awhile the heart becomes hard and the love of God has a hard time penetrating it.

Have you ever felt like you were resting in the arms of an angel but yet knew you could not see it?  Well that's a feeling.  A feeling of peace and of security. Just a feeling but a very important one.  Go on your feelings, God placed feelings within us for us to use. Do not depend just on book learning but depend on your feelings also.  The heart is such a wonderful thing, it is what makes us cry and makes us laugh.  Not words from books into the mind, but words that go into the heart that turns into feelings.  Love is what makes the world go round yet no one has ever figured out what it is and how it becomes.

When you look at a baby or into the eyes of someone you love, how do you know its love? How do you explain what happens in your heart?  It is a feeling............
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