Faith as a Substance

We know the scripture "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen". So faith is something you can feel in your heart or see with your eyes.

Because of Faith we are saved and because of Faith we are sanctified. The Holy Spirit works in us but we still think we have to push ourselves not knowing he worketh a work in us.

As we exercise our faith, God is doing a work building our faith, faith comes from the heart and only God can change the heart, we do the outer work and He does the inner work. We can talk to the Father as we would any one else, remember He is a good Father, He didnít come to kill us or destroy us but to help us be what He would have us to be. Tell him how weak you are, tell him your faults, even though he knows them, we must realize we have them, and then ask Him to make you more like him. As soon as you give up trying to do things yourself, He can take over. A brother in law and I were talking one time and I made the statement "I think even as a sinner you can do good works and make it to heaven because the Bible says :Charity covers a multitude of sin, so does that mean even if we are sinners we have a chance because we are charitable? Then he explained to me what he thought it meant, Charity and kindness will cause people to feel love and compassion and then the presence of the Lord can work in their it goes on and on..each one reaching one..then a multitude of sin will be gone and covered by the blood of Jesus. Needless to say I liked his way much better. We can be good but good will not get us into the Kingdom. Our works are for us and not for God, when you do something good you feel good, its for you. We donít do good works as a responsibility, we must do it because thats what Gods people do, we will conform to Gods image of us more and more when by Faith we do good. Good work is only good when it helps the kingdom. I watch people with envy that are always doing things for others that have taken the time and of their means to bless others, in so doing know their hearts are conforming to Gods heart. They do it with pleasure, but at first it was hard because there are people that hurt you and talk about you because they canít do it, they donít have the heart of God but then you just try to forgive and pray for God to work in them and soon you see them helping just a little and then more, not complaing but praising God for the opportunity to do. God knows what you can do and will prepare you for the future. From the beginning God had a plan, man throws it off for a while but then when in Gods will the plan comes to mind. He will not call you to His work without giving you the proper tools. If you go out and get your own tools, you will soon realize you have done a bad job so you keep trying until the tools you have work, then you will know and have Faith He has called you to a good work. The whole idea of our life is to know what Work he has for us to do, at different ages there are different jobs, but they all prepare you for the future. Remember Faith is the substance and Faith without works will not work, have faith in what you do and let God work from the inside out.
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