Life is a test. take it with care ..pass it by and you have failed.

To be a child is wonderful, to have someone to care for you and to be so innocent as to not know if they do or do not, but take it for granted they do, that they love you as you are.

To be old is wonderful, for to have been a child, the knowledge of a child in your mind, when we are old, the beginning comes back, the child in us, the not knowing of the world, no cares, innocent feelings again .

The world is not afraid of the young or the old. but it must beware of the in between. The "when" we must grow up make it on what we know is real. Age is a blessed gift, a relief of life. The in between is the pain we must accept for being a child and age is the blessed gift for being able to bear it. 
By Harriett Dash 2000     Home