Encourage Yourself

When we are small our parents say to us "you can do it" they encourage us but as we grow up we are on our own. We have those days when it seems as if everything we do goes wrong and everything we say is wrong. Thatís a little discouraging.

But I have found if we just praise Him in all things it will change, praise the Lord! I just learned not to do that again that way or God watch this tongue and let me let you work in me before I use it. To me Sanctification is the real answer, start your day with "Lord keep me sanctified this another day", say that over and over until it gets in your spirit. I have a special saying in my life, if it canít change my life its of no importance, this goes for good and bad. If something is going to make your life bad donít do it, if it will make your life good and CHANGE it, do it. Now for the big question, how do we do it? First of all even as a Christian we are still human, some people seem to think because we are saved we turn into a super spiritual person, we know this isnít true, we are just soldiers in the army of God, fighting to win the battle.

We have to give respect to our spiritual superiors and at the same time be patient with those that are under you, do good to those that donít deserve it. We are to Rejoice always and then pray constantly, give thanks for all things, knowing each thing is a learning process, most of all encourage yourself encourage the spirit within you and test everything and abstain from evil. Donít put yourself in a place that will try your patience if you donít have any. You know where your problems are, until you have control over them stay away from them.We are to love our brothers and sisters as we would love ourselves, be happy for them and want them to have all of Gods plan.We have a promise, we can be sanctified, if it were not possible, he would not have told us to do it. Back on the inner heart, you clean up the outside and He will work on the inside, He will sanctify you wholly. I love this statement I heard the other day, If we are willing in our weakness to be obedient He will be willing in His strength to see that we are obedient. Now isnít that just like God. We are not to be just well meaning people, we are to be the meaning of well people. God has put good works in front of you as an example of what to live by, he has given us a limitless supply of love, kindness and goodness for our fellow man, we just have to use it continually to make it strong. We are to make being good a full time attitude of the heart. Talk to God, tell Him you are his problem child, I guarantee you wonít be the only one, we canít do all things in the natural we must be supernatural.

 Remember this as I close. The secret of fruitful life is not in doing but in dying, dying to self effort..let God dwell in you in order to change you. Start your day with "God what do YOU have in mind for today". Then know you and He are working together for the good in you.
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