To be charitable is to have a pure heart, to be concerned about others. A Christian without a good word for and about others is not charitable.  Not only does it make  others feel good but it makes us feel good also.  But don't do it for yourself, do it because Jesus did it, He went about doing  good.  From my understanding of the New Testament Jesus did for others the whole time of His ministry.  We are to be so very much like him.  When you give, give for others not for self.

Something happen the other day at work that makes me think.  A young man had lost his pen, now that may not seem like something but it is, not life or death, but something small, but meaningful.  It was his good pen, he called it.  Now I love a good writing pen its important to me.  I gave him my last pen but I told him how precious it was to me and how I love the way it rolled over the words and how much better I could write because of it.  He then said, "well don't give it to me", I said yes I am, and I just want you to know its important to me.  I would not give you something I didn't want or need or something I didn't like.  I am giving it to you because I care about you and I like this pen.

Be happy in giving, be a cheerful giver, that way you will receive something in return plus a good feeling.  Being charitable is not giving your garbage to someone else, the things you were going to throw away in the first place, it's giving them something they need and something you like.

I don't know if this has anything to do with charity but it came to my mind.  I see ministers out there that are sick and needing healing but will hold on to the pulpit and stand on God's word and tell you God will heal.  They suffer to make sure you receive.  They in turn receive their healing.  I have seen people give out of their need not having but very little, but knowing the planting of a seed will reap a harvest.

Personal contact and communication is very important.  Let the world see Jesus in you.  Cor. 2:4  says,  'And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing  words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of Power'.  The secret here is with demonstration of the Spirit.  Do,  don't just talk it, do it.

Our works will be made manifest, will they stand the test of time. Cor. 2:13  'Every man's work shall be made manifest for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire, and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is'.  Yes our work will be tested to see if it can stand.  If it isn't real it will not stand. 

Perfect that spirit of love that is within you.  As Christians, we are as newborns and need to teach our selves to be different from the world.  We are to come out of the world perfecting holiness. 

Practice giving.  Practice doing and saying nice things until you get it right.  Get it in your spirit until it comes so natural you can do nothing else.  'Old things have passed away,  behold all things have become new'.  All means a lot,  there will be new things in our lives and we will be doing new things, we will experience new things and new feelings because Christ is in us. 

The man flesh will fight this but He will overcome.  He that is in us, the Spirit of
 the Lord.  Maybe in your "Past Life",  now that means the life that is passed, you were selfish or rude or tight.  Well that must change,  you are in a new world and you are a new person.  When we plant seeds of kindness we will reap the harvest of kindness.  When we sow love we will reap the harvest of love, what so ever we sow, we reap.  

There is a container in heaven filling up with all the things we sow and waiting to come back to us.  Be patient with others you may need patience some day.   Spread cheer and laughter, you may need it some day.  Use these thoughts to remind you and most of all, reserve your judgment, let the Lord do the judging for other people, it's not your job.

We are judged by him as we judge others so be easy and gentle and kind. Someday YOU WILL NEED IT  to come back to you.  Charity may seem like such a small word, but it has a great meaning and know it deals with the heart and is so very important to the soul.

By Harriett Dash 2001     Home