A Purpose in Life

We are to have a purpose in life. My Grandchildren go to a Christian school and they must set goals every day. I do listen to my Pastor more than what he thinks. He told us all one time to not let a day go by not doing something useful, needless to say I work myself to death thinking he meant work. He meant doing something to make a change in your life to have a goal to look forward to. Now I try everyday to do something useful in life. I do not use the word "bored", I think that should be thrown from the Christian book of life. We donít have time to be bored, there is so much to do on this earth. Idle hands are the devils workshop, think about that, when your mind wanders off of God things it has only one place to go, devil things. Now I am not saying we should be preaching all the time but I am saying keep busy. I love working, my husband made a comment the other day to someone, she has to be doing something all the time. Yes I do, I hate to even sleep because I know there are things out there to do.

I love reading also, I know I have to sit down to do it but my mind is being worked on while I am sitting, I read while I eat if at all possible. When the mind isnít being fed it deteriorates, and its a shame to waste a good mind I love learning how to do things different and all the things that can be done. Time is so precious. God didnít mean for us to be so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly value, we have a life to live but set goals to live it to the fullest with what God has given us. When you open those eyes in the morning you have a nother chance to set goals, if possible set them the night before so youíll have a reason to get up. When I wake up I donít jump up in bed like I have heard some people say and shout Good Morning Jesus, I think that is great but how many of us do it, well set a goal to do it, I open my eyes and know I am still alive and have another chance to do whats right and get closer to God or learn more about life. The mind is such a great thing but it goes bad just like the body, use it or lose it. I love the trees , the grass and most of all I live in town and I hear people talking and going back and forth and I think isnít this wonderful they have another chance to make things good and to make their lives right with God another chance to see their love ones, to laugh to cry just what ever God has given them the gift to do. We are what we make of ourselves we are not robots or puppets on a string we are human beings with a choice. So after you have read this remember to set a goal, just try it for one week. It took me three weeks to paint a ceiling because it was on a church night and I only had time to do part of it, I was excited about it because I knew I was doing something, making good use of what time I had before time to get ready. Thank God we can make a choice and have the ability to do what we set out to do, not many people can. I can breathe on my own, walk on my own and have the health to carry out my goals..even if it just setting in the yard or   talking to friends or visiting someone that is sick, set a goal to do it. Buy a planner, make plans and stick to them, try it. It will change your whole life. Start with your attitude towards what you want to do and what you have to do, start with making what you "have" to do what you want to do. Eat the cake first and then the iceing and that gives you something great to look forward to. Do the hard things first and then the easier things will be much easier. Set your goals easy first and as you get use to it, set them high. Make a check list put it where you can see it and check it off, set   goals.

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