In Memory of Shawn
(To Connie Kingery: From God and Harriett)
Why is it my God, canít others see my son, sitting next to me?
I look at his pictures and feel his presence all around.
I know heís not in that cold, cold ground.
I close my eyes and see his smile and his laughter so loud.
He was so handsome, he stood out in a crowd.
I know heís with me at this moment, but will be gone again soon.
But for right now his light fills my room.
Oh why God, canít anyone feel what I feel, do they not know?
Heís in my mind and my heart where ever I go.
I remember the words so gently spoken, I love you Mom.
I heard in his voice a special calm.
I closed my eyes and in the darkness I knew
That I would love him no matter what he would do.
A love between a mother and son is trust.
Something that is just between us.
No matter words spoken in haste, they fade as morning dew.
Because the words unspoken were between me and you.
I remember as a child the hugs and giggles we had.
Life was sometimes good, not always bad.
When you were asleep and in my arms laid so still.
I knew you were my child and our love was real.
As I know now, when my heart is breaking youíll come to me.
I know in my dreams my son, youíll always be.
Each time I read this note from God, Iíll see your eyes so bright.
I know Iíll feel the warmth of your child like hug tonight.

© by Harriett Dash 1/21/2008