I Am A Girl

Papaw started out with my first gift as you can see.
He wanted me to play ball but the glove was to big for me.
I have a feeling they thought Iíd be the only one.
At this time they didnít know my Mom would have a son.

 I was the first and the world evolved around what I would do.
Papaw, I got all kinds of attention from you.
You hugged and kissed and talked baby talk.
When I would fret, youíd walk and walk.

 Never did you complain when I would be unhappy and sad.
You just took me over and handed me to my Dad.
Now this was a little dangerous he also knew not what to do.
I just smiled and watched the two of you.

 In came my Mommy, now she just held me tight.
She was the one when I was sick that stayed up all night.
I was a mommyís girl and had to have her where I could see.
She would sit over my crib at night and watch over me.

 There never was a moment when she didnít come when I would call.
I think my Mom is the best Mom of them all.
She could always cool my fevered brow and love me well again.
There is nothing in this world like the touch of my Mommyís hand.

© by Harriett Dash 2002